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critically acclaimed author

#1 NYT bestselling ghostwriter

EGOT collaborator

Joni Rodgers is a critically acclaimed novelist, #1 NYT bestselling ghostwriter, and EGOT collaborator who’s worked with Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony winners. She specializes in compelling memoirs, message-driven nonfiction, and book/screenplay adaptations. She’s known for her top-drawer artistry, dedication to deadline, and holistic collaborative style. Cover credit is negotiable. Confidentiality is sacred. Craft skills are ironclad.

Author Joni Rodgers 2020 bw.jpeg

Houston Press

"Think Jane Eyre with rock and roll."

Entertainment Weekly

"Painful and funny in one urgent breath...A mix of Molly Ivins' blowsy wit and Anna Quindlen's suburban logic."

Bestselling Author Pam Houston

"At her best, her prose is dazzling, risky, and intoxicating."

Writer / Producer

Aaron Sorkin

“Joni Rodgers is a pure storyteller. She writes with wit, lyricism, humanity, and joy that make her books impossible to put down."

New York Times

"Rodgers' [writing] is impressive in its immediacy... Engaging honesty with a steady supply of wisecracks."

Screenwriter / Director Jan Eliasberg

"Joni created a magical cocoon by the sea... the midwife I both wanted and needed by my side."
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