"Rodgers' strength is a knack for realistic characters and a womanly-wise, laugh-through-tears appreciation of life."
Publishers Weekly


Talking ghostwriting with delightful Dan Paisner on "As Told To" podcast.

In 2022 I'll be rolling out my SIXO CELEBRATION collection including new editions of my six most popular books with bonus material, reading group guides, and gorgeous new book covers by Kapo Ng

Howard Tate Scott's Rascal on the Run finalist for 2021 International Book Award.

Lorena Junco Margain's On the Way to Casa Lotus "never loses momentum, and the prose is poetic and powerful." (BlueInk Reviews)

Vanessa O'Brien's To the Greatest Heights translated for sale in Russia and Poland.
Don Lemon's This is the Fire debuts at #1 on NYT bestseller list

Jan Eliasberg's Hannah's War optioned for film
Artist Kapo Ng is designing branded covers for relaunch of Joni Rodgers fiction and memoir backlist

PW: "Readers will devour  Vanessa O'Brien's sensational, electrifying tale" To the Greatest Heights

BlueInk Reviews: "The genial style of Rick Bragg meets the pathos of Pat Conroy" in Howard Tate Scott's Rascal on the Run 

Kirkus (starred review): Don Lemon's This is the Fire "puts 2020 in perspective and gives it the language to sing a quietly outraged song."

Praise for Lorena Junco Margain's " beautiful survey of tragedy and rebuilding" On the Way to Casa Lotus

Praise for Jan Eliasberg's "transcendent, redemptive" novel Hannah's War from LA Times and Jewish Book Council

Westport Lighthouse Writers Retreat continues COVID precautions