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Ghostwriting is more than a skillset; it's a mindset

Collaborative chemistry is a beautiful thing. You bring your unique voice, singular life experience, and a desire to say something that matters. I bring mad craft skills and a stellar publishing track record. Together, we create a manuscript that connects your ideas with hearts and minds around the world.


As much as I love the work of writing, I love helping people achieve their creative goals. My task in every memoir is to disappear into my client's voice, crystalize my client's vision, and structure a great experience for readers. In every novel and screenplay, I work hard to craft a compelling story that stays true to my client's brand and intention.


Every project is different, so I redesign the process to meet each client's needs. Source material includes childhood memories, personal insights, and deep-dive research. I listen, identify themes, capture language, and synthesize a manuscript. Sometimes I write the whole thing and we fine-tune it together; sometimes I plot-whisper an outline and provide guidance that empowers a client to complete the manuscript on their own. I'm happy to be chauffeur or navigator as needed.​

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