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Joni Rodgers is a critically acclaimed novelist, #1 NYT bestselling ghostwriter, and EGOT collaborator who’s worked with Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony winners. She specializes in compelling memoirs, message-driven nonfiction, and book/screenplay adaptations. Joni is known industry-wide for her top-drawer talent, dedication to deadline, and holistic collaborative style. Cover credit is negotiable. Confidentiality is sacred. Craft skills are ironclad.

"Joni Rodgers lives, loves, and writes without a safety net."


"Engaging honesty and a steady supply of wisecracks ."


"This talented author brings pen and ink people to flesh and blood fulfillment."



I grew up performing in a family folk/ bluegrass/ gospel band, majored in theater at Viterbo University, and spent my 20s busking and working as a voiceover artist. Diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 1994, I used the chemo downtime to write my first two novels: Crazy for Trying (MacAdam-Cage 1996) and Sugarland (Bertelsmann 1999). I followed up with my first bestseller: Bald in the Land of Big Hair (HarperCollins 2001), a memoir about being a young mom/writer with blood cancer. The success of BLBH sparked a syndicated newspaper column, a deal for my next novel, and invitations to participate in high-profile book projects as a ghostwriter, story whisperer, and dialogue doctor. 


Fast forward 20+ years and 30+ books. ​I’ve written three more novels of my own and collaborated on a long string of bestselling books and an Oscar-nominated screenplay. I live and work at my home on the beach in Washington State.


Kirkus STARRED review for Paris: The Memoir by Paris Hilton (Dey Street 2023): “Tender and triumphant…furiously candid…a master class in owning your story.” 


Pop Sugar on I’m No Philosopher, but I Got Thoughts by Kristin Chenoweth (HarperCollins 2023): “A new perspective on faith, rage, and what it means to heal.” 


Blue Ink Reviews on Rascal on the Run by Howard Tate Scott (HTS 2022): “Southern wit, family drama, and courtroom hijinks… Fans of Southern historical fiction are sure to love this insightful, unforgettable debut.” 


Kirkus STARRED review for This is the Fire: What I Say to My Friends About Racism by Don Lemon (Little Brown 2021): “A vital book for these times…puts 2020 in context and gives it the language to sing a quietly outraged song.”



·      CNN anchor Don Lemon

·      Style icon/entrepreneur/activist Paris Hilton

·      Broadway icon Kristin Chenoweth

·      Activist/advocate Elizabeth Smart

·      Activist/entrepreneur Ndaba Mandela, grandson of Nelson Mandela

·      Explorer/activist Vanessa O’Brien

·      Broadway, film, and TV star Rue McClanahan

·      Pop star Justin Bieber

·      Broadway, film, and TV star Swoosie Kurtz

·      Choreographer/activist Mayte Garcia

·      Junk Gypsy design empire cofounders Amie and Jolie Sikes

·      Film and TV star Cybill Shepherd 

·      Daytime television star Don Diamont

·      Director/screenwriter Jan Eliasberg

·      Defense attorney Katherine Scardino

·      Pop diva Taylor Dayne

·      Rapper/entrepreneur Spectacular Smith

·      Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker, founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure



Cindi Davis-Andress at Pastorini-Bosby Talent


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