They say everyone has a book in them. Everyone has a spleen in them, too. Either way, you need someone with mad skills to get it out. I collaborate with celebrities and other extraordinary people on memoirs, fiction, nonfiction, and screenplays.

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I've worked with Oscar, Tony, Grammy, Emmy, and Obie winners, Broadway icons, film and TV stars, political and corporate change agents, doctors, designers, musicians, and survivors. In addition to my own bestselling books, I've ghostwritten a long string of NYT/international bestsellers and earned a stellar reputation for delivering high quality manuscripts on tight deadlines. 

During 20+ years in the publishing industry, I've worked with major publishing houses and small literary presses including MacAdam-Cage, HarperCollins, Hachette, Simon & Schuster, Random House, Penguin, Perigee, Bertelsmann, Hyperion, Crown, Broadway, Touchstone, and others.


I've done proposals and book projects represented by top-tier literary agencies including William Morris Endeavor, Sterling Lord Literistic, Creative Artists Agency, United Talent, Aevitas Creative, Vigliano Associates, Dupree Miller, and others.

In the early 2000s, I wrote an advice column for a national magazine, and my syndicated column "Earth to Joni" ran for three years in papers across the USA. My articles, opeds, and book excerpts have appeared online and in print in regional and national media outlets including New York Times, Readers Digest, Huffington Post, Parade, Good Housekeeping, O Magazine, Family Circle, Redbook, Rosie, Lifetime, Houston Chronicle, Boston Globe, and others.

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I'm able to take on very few projects each year, so these tend to be

  • memoirs

  • screenplay-to-novel adaptations

  • narrative nonfiction

with a compelling story and significant budget. Book projects are negotiated individually, based on word count, deadline crunch, research, and other factors.

To start the conversation about your project, contact my agent:

Cindi Davis-Andress

Pastorini-Bosby Talent



What it is: You have a story, a message, and a unique voice. I have the writing skills to capture all that in words. Together we create a book that engages readers, advances your brand, and opens a broad realm of possibilities. Every collaboration is different. Sometimes I'm a copilot; sometimes I'm the chauffeur. If you want to lay hands on every word, I'm happy to guide the process from development to delivery. If you need a top-drawer manuscript on a tight deadline, I'm happy to do the heavy lifting.

Project goal: A well-written book-length manuscript, ready for submission to agents and editors or for the production phase of self-publishing.


How it works: I build project strategy around your unique needs, hectic schedule, and chosen publishing path, making sure that your agent and publisher are on the same page every step of the way. We start with a lengthy interview process, which can happen at your place or mine. (Mine is at the beach. Just saying.) We develop a detailed outline and chapter structure. Then I write, you read, we talk, and I make changes as needed to process each chapter and create the full manuscript. 


What it is: You have a great idea/rough draft for a novel, memoir or screenplay, but you're struggling with the creative process. I have the clear eye and craft skills to help you excavate creative and commercial potential, reality-check your wildest dreams, and define your fundamental purpose for this project. And I have the publishing industry experience to help you accomplish all that in a practical, yes-you-can, bird-by-bird fashion. Just the right combination of molly-coddling and kick in the pants.

Project goal: A detailed chapter outline with well-defined story arcs, fully fleshed characters, and integrated themes and a detailed project strategy for getting it done.


How it works: I've used this hands-on, rubber-meets-road process for fiction, nonfiction, and screenplays. We dig deep, build a solid chapter/scene structure, develop characters, clarify your message, set creative and technical goals, and form a workable week-to-week strategy for execution.​


What it is: Reading a manuscript aloud is the most powerful way to experience the book as it will be experienced by the reader. It shines a light on the manuscript, line by line, word by word, revealing hidden typos, continuity boggles, and other technical errors.

Project goal: A better, stronger, more compelling manuscript that's polished and ready for handoff to your agent, editor, or self-pub professional. At its best, this process is also a one-on-one master class that leaves you writing at a higher level than when you started.


How it works: You and I take notes on a hard copy of the ms while a reader reads the entire book out loud. Then you and I sit down and go through notes page by page to create a master manuscript with all changes marked. Next steps depend on your chosen publishing path. 


What it is: "Can I just hop on the phone with you?" I get this question a lot, and the answer is yes! If you need 90 minutes of brain-tap, micro-mentorship, or publishing consult, let's get on Zoom and thrash whatever needs thrashing.


Project goal: Tell Mama.

How it works: Email me with a brief note about what you need, and I'll get back to you with scheduling options.


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