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Joni Rodgers lives, loves, and writes without a safety net. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

TLDR: I'm a novelist/ghostwriter who specializes in upmarket memoirs, fiction, and novel-to-screenplay/ screenplay-to-novel adaptations.

A voracious reader and compulsive writer all my life, I grew up performing in a family bluegrass band and majored in theatre in college. I finished my first two novels while undergoing chemo for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Both were published to critical acclaim and short-listed for several awards. I followed up with my first bestseller: Bald in the Land of Big Hair, a memoir about being a young mom/writer with blood cancer. (Spoiler alert: I lived!) The success of BLBH sparked a syndicated newspaper column, a robust public speaking side-gig, and invitations to collaborate on amazing high-profile book projects.

Fast forward 20+ years, 30+ books, and half a dozen screenplays...

As a ghostwriter, plot whisperer, and script doctor, I help celebrities and other extraordinary people on the perilous journey from idea to completed book or screenplay. I'm a ghostwriting EGOT, having worked with Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony winners. I've also collaborated with brilliant change agents who make the world a more beautiful, inclusive, and intensely interesting place.

My ghostwriting schedule is always slammed, but I still carve out time to write my own novels and screenplays and to mentor emerging writers and aspiring ghosts. I live on the beach in the Pacific Northwest with my husband, multimedia artist Gary Rodgers, who occasionally lets me assist on mural projects. Our children grew up to be fabulous individuals, and we have a gorgeous little granddaughter who's already showing signs of being a voracious reader.