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You bring a unique voice, singular life experience, and desire to say something that matters. I bring craft skills and a stellar publishing track record. Together, we create a manuscript that connects your ideas with hearts and minds around the world. My task in every memoir is to disappear into my client's voice, crystalize my client's vision, and structure a great experience for readers. I help my clients craft compelling stories true to their brands and their souls.


I've done more than three dozen books in the past twenty years, and every project is different. I design the process around my client's needs. Source material includes childhood memories, personal insights, and deep-dive research. I listen, identify themes, capture language, and synthesize a manuscript. Sometimes I write the whole thing and we fine-tune it together; sometimes I plot-whisper an outline and provide guidance that empowers a client to complete the manuscript on their own. I'm happy to be a chauffeur or a navigator. It's up to you.

Confidentiality is sacred, and invisibility is my superpower, so I don't talk about my clients, but if you scroll down, you'll see some nice things a few of my clients have said about me.

Contact my agent if you have a book project you'd like to discuss. 

Collaboration 101

Starred KIRKUS Review for Paris Hilton's Paris: The Memoir
“Tender and triumphant…furiously candid…a master class in owning your story.” 

Starred KIRKUS Review for Don Lemon's This is the Fire
“A vital book for these times…puts 2020 in context and gives it the language to sing a quietly outraged song.” 

Blue Ink Reviews on Howard Tate Scott's Rascal on the Run
“Southern wit, family drama, and courtroom hijinks… Fans of Southern historical fiction are sure to love this insightful, unforgettable debut.” 


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